Robin Z Studio prints are hand drawn original designs inspired by taking a closer look at the seemingly ordinary. I love to discover beauty and natural pattern in subjects that may be typically overlooked, and find endless inspiration in nature, particularly science and biology.

We are surrounded by objects rooted in nature, science, and biology that are too small to see.  Using a microscope to make the invisible visible reveals an unseen world, sparking curiosity and wonder, and transforming our perceptions.

I am fascinated by these unseen worlds, and amazed at the diversity and endless inspiration. I take something common, which normally arouses no more than a passing glance, and begin the process of exploration and research.  Following that is sketching, deconstructing, and finally reassembling into patterns.

Taking a cue from Mother Nature, there is more to each pattern than first meets the eye.  Take a closer look, and you will see that each pattern is more than the sum of its parts.   Some are combinations of individual cell structures, while others are isolated portions of a particular subject.  Behind each collection is a story, and through my work I hope to inspire the process of discovery.

Because of the versatility and diversity of styles and patterns, Robin Z Studio prints can be applied to many different industries including residential and commercial interiors, home and giftware markets, and the fashion industry.

Robin currently licenses prints to the home décor market, and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate on new projects, explore new markets, design custom prints, and help clients fulfill their pattern needs.


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