Tortuga part dos

Finally able to revisit my little baby turtle photo and develop the "Tortuga" collection inspired by him/her and my other pictures from my Mexico trip last November.

First was that lovely rubbery patterned shell!  Other photos included rocks on the beach which were covered in beautiful barnacles, moss, and tiny black and white striped snail shells.  

After sketching, I designed the patterns in Ai with some layers of texture and a lively and saturated color palette that reminds me of Mexico.



On a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, I was thrilled to release this tiny little sea turtle into the ocean.  The hotel where we stayed has a sea turtle conservation program, and allows guests to participate in the daily release of the newly hatched babies in November and December.  This one was flapping it's flippers so fast they are a blur in the photo!  He was ready to be set free into that big scary ocean.  If he is a 'she', she will return to this very same beach 15 years from now to lay her eggs.

I really love the pattern on the shell, and the soft rubbery texture- thinking of developing a new collection based on this.